My cats!

I am the humble servant of three cats, whose home I share. While it is generally accepted, that dogs are smarter than cats, then think about the fact, that a dogs does, what his master tells him, while a cat tries do get the human to do, what the cat wants. Now who is the smartest here? The ancient Egyptians thought of the cats as divine beings. Cats have not forgotten this.


Kleo is my first cat. I got her in march 2002 from a cat shelter, and I was told, that she was probably one year old at the time. I don't know the first period of her life, but she was very shy when I got her, and it took a long time to gain her confidence.

She is without doubt my most intelligent cat, and the only one, who has done 200 km/hr on the German Autobahn.

As she is the first and the largest of my three cats, she is the boss who eats first when there is fresh food.


Fimber (full name is Fibonacci) is a very cute cat, that I got from a very good friend, who had three female cats, who all decided to get kittens at the same time. This resulted in no less than 17 cats, and Fimber is one of them.

She was born the 18th september 2004, and I got her in 2005 when she was old enough. Kleo accepted her with some reluctancy, and they do well together now. But Fimber still thinks she has to steal the food from Kleo, she is only eating while no-one is watching.


Diablo has this name, because he was very possesive about food in the first time of his life - he meowed the other kittens away from the food bowl if he could. He still talks a lot. He is absolutely not the smarest cat on earth, but he is very kind, and if you pull his tail, he will just love the attention.

He was born on the 1st of march 2005 and is only a few months younger than Fimber. I got him in december 2007, so he has been a bit about before he entered the Kleo/Fimber domain. Fimber immediately caught interest in this new cat, and today Fimber and Diablo are girlfriend and boyfriend.

While Diablo is a true Burmilla, Fimber is a mix between a Burmilla mother and an unknown father.

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